How to Annoy Pisces Men

The study of Astrology leads us to discover many secrets. One of these is how to annoy Pisces men.  You never know when you might need to annoy them but, please, once you have learnt the secrets contained in this article –


Know About the Pisces Man Before You Attempt to Annoy Him!

To annoy someone well it is necessary to know them, so let us consider the foundation and basics of the Pisces personality first:

Tearful Pisces loves to swim. Pisces also likes you to be prim. Pisces wants to talk of love, romance and loves to sip cold drinks constantly. He needs to be by water and so much enjoys the sound of waves, a babbling brook or a splashing fountain and water feature.

How to Annoy a Pisces Man

Given this, the obvious way to annoy Pisces is to keep them dry and thirsty. Serve them drinks at room temperature but leave it an hour before you bring their second. If Pisces is enjoying a customary swim be sure to play a game involving jumping in and making maximum splash. Impede Pisces fish like progress as s/he swims laps or lengths, ensure they cannot float without a care by employing the aforementioned methodology – this will annoy Pisces wholesale.

If in a relationship with a Pisces, annoy them by changing the subject every time it turns to love and romance – for example, discuss the weather instead. This form of annoyance can be most entertaining.

Share Your Tips on How to Annoy Pisces Men

Have you discovered another way of annoying Pisces men? If you have, please share it with us in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the best way to annoy a pisces is to pretend like they don't exist. No matter how much you want to call, text or e-mail a pisces man who is being selfish and self centred DON'T back off and be cool, he will come running back faster than you coukld ever imagine, whilst he is playing his guitar switch on the tv and start to yawn, this will piss himoff big time, make sure you spend plenty of time talking about your ex lovers and how great they were in bed, be late for everything thats he considers important!!! take him to a restuarant where you know he will hate the food they serve there. wear suggestive clothing, too much make-up, gaudy jewelery, too much perfume and flirt with his mates outrageously lol! get him in a heated lip lock then pull away and say you have to go and do something more important, be clingy, cry constantly about the silliest things, tell hi you love him, cling to him like a limpet, be needy,,,,,,,good luck girls and have fun xxx

Anonymous said...

Ok,,, so here goes,,, I am married to a pieces man and have been together 35 plus years and here is my perception of his characteristic; he uses the following words constantly; me, my, I. When ever he is in the wrong and knows it, he will turn the blame around on me. we could sit for hours together with no conviction but as soon as his mate turns up for visit they will talk for hours, but most conversations I have with him and his friends everything is turned into a joke, i struggle to have any decent conversation so I usually retreat to the television. if he is upset about something and I ask him what's wrong he would say nothing is wrong, but will sulk for days and sometimes weeks. Overall he is fun loving, outgoing, friendly and respectful to everyone but me,,,, yes the pisces male is one of a kind/ bread. now u might ask why am I still with him??? Well yes I ask myself that same question constantly.

Anonymous said...

"make sure you spend plenty of time talking about your ex lovers and how great they were in bed" << this is the most idiotic thing to talk with a pisces man. Even if you talk in a romantic way about someone other than you and your pisces man it is a certain way to lose him, the pisces will swim away into his comfort zone even before you know that. DON'T DO THAT unless you want to lose him. Also this is not annoying but SICK. I am a capricorn woman married to a pisces man.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I need help. I met a pisces man online on a poker game.We always played togetherand spoke through the game not on personal phones for about 1yr one fine day 4mos ago he gave me his number and asked for mine. He texted me the same night and since then have spoken morning,noon and night became fb friends and have completely fallen in love with each other. Pisces sent pics asked for pics send me pics of his family and we spoke on the phone every single day at anytime, he is not married nor does he live with anyone.One day we decided that I should come up and meet him Im in florida hes in New York I make more money than him and it was easier for me to get away then him I was not really happy with being the one to do this but because of my feelings for him I said ok, because I wanted to see how I felt in person.We were counting down the days..when the time came Oct 12,2012 he did not respond to me that day:"( I flew to New York I texted him in a message after I checked in to the hotel my room number and he never showed up:'( I posted that evening on his fb in a private message that he" hurt me and how could you do this to me, have me come all the way out here when you knew you werent going to come see me how evil can you be is this how you get your fix.I can never love you again Im sick and disgusted at what youve done to me" The next morning I flew back home devastated I did not call him or text him or anything desperate like that..That afternoon, I guess after he read the message he blocked me from fb..Im so upset and devastated I cant understand why he turned on me like that together we soke on phone and texted over 4000 messages all beautiful I didnt see any lies or anything of that sort he was always very prompt when he said he would call and always available for me anytime of the day or night when I wanted to talk....Maybe he got scared I dont know, but why not tell me why have me to go all the way out there, I think thats cruel and evil:"( Is there anything I cand do to find out from him should I wait should I contact him Im dying inside and I know he loves me and I love him.Im capricorn12/23 he pisces3/20.

Neo said...

^Pisces men are generally indecisive. We don't know what we want. A moment we feel that we love a girl and then within a few minutes we feel she's not the one. This earns us the title of being fickle. We quickly retreat from a relationship if we feel that our partner is too clingy. We need our space and our time alone. The best way to keep your Pisces tamed is to show him how much he means to you and reassure your love for him. We appreciate art and beauty, so if a beautiful girl pass by we will look even if we are in a relationship, but If when we are in sincerer committed relationship, we are loyal. We don't like to hurt others feeling, so If we feel that we are not able to be happy with a girl or make that girl happy then we will retreat and shrink into our shell and think that its the best for her. In respect to the above mentioned comment (14th oct, 2012)You earn more than him and flew to NY just to meet him. I think he feels insecure that you earn more than him and he feels that he may not be able give you much and hence has backed off from you. Personally I've attracted quite a lot of girls but have never been in a relationship till now, because I feel before being in a relationship I have to make myself stable (earn a decent sum to make my dreams come true)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter WHY. The fact is that he has revealed how he chooses to treat people regardless of the underlying reasons. SO you should be saying to yourself "that is not someone i want in my life." You nor anyone else will never change the neuropathways that drive his choices. You also need to realize that why he did this has ZERO to do with you. Dont spin your wheels trying to figure out what went wrong; all you need to kniw is that this person is cold and unfeeling. Even if he changed his mind, a decent person would have said "I cant do this and it has nothing to do with you." Aside from all this, it seems to me it's a catfish situation; the person posed as something they weren't in order to win your attention and affection and then when they were about to be found out, they bailed. Move on. Don't get reinvolved... unless you mistakenly believe they had a complete brain rewiring. You have to understand human nature to know that what makes this person tick, does not change or go away. If they fooled you once, they will again if you give them the opening back into your life. Move on and good luck.