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Help, My Man is a Pisces!
Great, you've pulled yourself a Pisces and what is more it looks like it could be your most significant relationship yet. Congratulations. But what’s the most that you can expect from a relationship with a Pisces? Come to think of it (and you really should!) what’s the worst you can expect?  let's look at the best first.

The Best Case Scenario with a Pisces Man
Romance is a wonderful thing. A man who loves you so much it hurts him produces a feeling that most women warm to and many of them return. You’re in love big time. When he looks into your eyes and you look into his – is that soul exchange going on?  He can outdo a Spaniel puppy dog with the beseeching quality of his often blue eyes.  It may well be soul exchange going on!

Is it normal to kiss and cuddle tenderly and enjoy every minute…for hours? Yes it is with a positive Pisces.  A positive Pisces swims up river – his life is goal driven and if he commits to you and you to him you’ll be helped up the same river but in comfort – no matter what it takes him. Add to his private romance with you the romance he is having with the whole world and you'll see how some women need a positive Pisces man.

Pisces Men not for All Women
Such women will adore positive Pisces man's appreciation of beauty, Art and philosophy and his huge intellect – a massive turn-on for the discerning women.  This is what you'll get in the best case scenario with a Pisces man.  If you are one of these women you’ll understand that you’ve done well if you’ve pulled a positive Pisces.  If you think slush in embarrassing and want a more manly man, you won't see any attraction with his carry on.

The Worst Case Scenario with a Pisces Man
Just as a positive Pisces swims up river, overcoming obstacles and helping others do the same, a negative Pisces goes with the flow. This flow doesn’t mean that he is dragged, non stop out to sea, if only it were that simple. No, there are bound to be obstacles and these divert him from the river to flounder on the bank. This is when he’ll start taking you down with him. You’ll go with him through depression, addictions, depravities and more. He’ll seek solace in mindless thug-like behaviour and you won’t be spared. He’ll be jealous of everyone and everything and he’ll never see his blessings. Let him escape to the river (he’ll transform it into a sewer as he bobs along). You stay behind on the riverbank, dry out and build yourself a foundation. Be grateful you've escaped.

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