Pisces Men In Love

Pisces (Astrology) Art Print Poster - 16x20Looks might be important to a Pisces man but your personality is more so. He will be attracted to your physical body but first he will notice your eyes. Are your eyes a window on your soul? Maybe you won't know until a Pisces man decides to look through them... it can be frightening.

Pisces are all about intuition. They believe they can sense things and maybe they are right but we have not been able to prove this one way or the other. We have however, by interviewing Pisces men, discovered what they are looking for using their intuition, their eyes and other senses. If you possess these you are more likely to have a Pisces man fall in love with you than gay men and women who do not.

The Looks, Attributes and Style Desired by Pisces Men

8x11" inches POSTER. "Aquarium De Monaco". Decor with Unusual Images. Great room Art Decoration.Tall and shapely are what Pisces men go for according to the Pisces men we interviewed. They do not find stick thin women attractive. They are turned off by women with fake tans, nails and hair extensions but women with real tans, long hair and nicely manicured hands are more than acceptable. Style is important. Flowing gowns, swishing fabrics, beads and bangles which coordinate seemed to be appreciated whereas skin tight tops and jeans were disapproved of or not seen to be attractive.

What Pisces Men Like and Do Not Like

We discovered that Pisces men (or at least coincidentally those we interviewed when compiling this information) were suckers for a soothing, well spoken voice. Conversely they said that no matter how physically attractive they found a woman if, when she opened her mouth, words pronounced with an uncouth slang drooled out they were completely "over her". So the voice was very important in the woman (or man) they were interested in.

Most of the Pisces men we interviewed were put off by overpowering scents too. They did not want to be with someone whose perfume or aftershave competed with the aromas from flowers, plants or the delicious smell of something cooking. We would advise that a dab on pulses is sufficient and to hold back with the all over spray.

The Personality Desired by Pisces Men

Salmon Spawn in Kronotsky Nature Reserve's Clear Running RiversWe discovered that, in theory, Pisces men were attracted to caring types. They liked thinkers. Over half were attracted to artistic types but under half were attracted to weird artistic types. They would like to meet women with some of the same interests as themselves but, because they desire their own space from time to time, they didn't see having everything in common as attractive.

Kind hearted, sympathetic, well educated, individuals were what our sample of Pisces men seemed to want. If they were going to fall in love they thought this would be the type they went for.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like me exctly, i'm a pesces man, i tend to go for the eyes that i can stare into for long periods of time, it is like seeing into ones soul.If it exists, i do like the soft toned voices, i like class, caring, loyal and a educated friedly woman, i have a tendancy to pick up Virgos, they do something to me.... I don't stalk them and go for them, but the last for i have been involved with, have been Virgos.

Anonymous said...

This was awesome. There's this guy who's been flirting with me for the past month an I really like him! I've been trying to figure him out but he's a little mysteriouse. This article explained exactly him! He loves my eyes and face and the way I smell we have a lot of things in common and he enjoys finding our differences, but he likes to find good differences not bad ones. I'm just not even gunna go on. This article fit him perfectly. I guess one last thing I found interesting was that how Pisces like a little curves and that stick thin is a turn off. Because I'm not very skinny but I'm not even chubby, I'm just a little thick but definetly in all the rigt places, (chest, bottom) and I have defined muscle but still soft and feminin so I can see why he likes my body but he's definetly more attracted to my personality and treats me very sweetly.

Anonymous said...

You can say at times the Pisces man may come across as lost, looking for the real self. The fact of the matter is that Pisces man isn’t lost at all, more so disillusioned and looking deeper to find what was covered up, hidden for many reasons that are yet to be explained. Those answers are known though they just need the elegance to be expressed in such a manner that the true meaning is understood. Finding this post and in search of something, what an uncanny description of what I look like, behave, think and feel …. as in the view of others. Actually, pretty close. So true about the eyes, there is so much to discover and interestingly, that’s where I find the truth. If the connection is complete through the eyes and being intuitive, offers much more than words can express. Style and shape does play a great part with the Pisces man but an added ingredient is the graceful partner and a personality that the Pisces man appreciates. I’ll surely agree to an attraction of artistic types but at the same time within arts like music, there still has to be an emotion to the “story”. Lastly, the Pisces man looks for truth, loyalty, compassion and honor.