Buying Gifts for Pisces Men | Birthdays, Seasonal and Occasional Presents for Your Pisces Man

Buying Gifts for Pisces Men

Are you stuck, wondering what to buy your Piscean Man for Christmas or for his birthday (Pisces: 20th February – 20th March) or any other occasion? Consult this guide for some new ideas and to be sure you buy him something he wants! PLUS tell us about what you have already bought for the Piscean man in your life. Also includes what not to buy a Piscean man under any circumstances.

Gifts Pisces Men Always Appreciate

If your gift is somehow related to water you can’t go wrong with Pisces men. This is the truth, albeit clich├ęd. Water features (indoor or outdoor), aquariums, Jacuzzis, hot-tubs, swimming machines are certain to delight. Soda fountains, expensive drinks or unusual drinks could be good. If you can afford it (and he hasn't already got one) an outdoor heated pool or an indoor heated pool will leave him eternally grateful (see below).

Expensive Gift Ideas for Pisces Men

There’s only one thing a Pisces really wants if he hasn’t got one already and it’s more likely that Pisces man has one of these than any other Zodiac sign: the item under discussion is an outdoor heated swimming pool! Also (if he hasn’t already got one already and it’s more likely that Pisces man has one of these than any other Zodiac sign) get him a hot-tub in which he can submerge himself for hours on end. World cruises, yachts and narrow boats are other ideas and, if you are booking a hotel break or holiday of any kind make sure that your room is on the seafront or next to a lake, river or canal. Pisces men like sleeping with the sound of water in the background.

What Not to Buy Pisces Men

Never, ever, ever, ever buy your Pisces man a mounted, stuffed fish – unless you wish to embark on divorce proceedings. They will not see the funny side of Billy the Singing Fish. Never buy a goldfish in a bowl – Pisces (rightly) see these as cruel. They like aquariums but they have to be large and interesting for their fish inhabitants.

What Gifts Have You Bought for Pisces Men?

Please tell us about successful and unsuccessful gifts you have bought for Piscean men in the past. What did they love and what did they hate? Add you gift ideas for Piscean men in the comments section below.


SoCalStylista said...

Things ive gifted (or will gift) my pisces man: Wine cooler for kitchen countertop.
I painted a picture in a painting class and brought it to his house to show him (on canvas) and he has it hanging up in his house now.super cute.
A picture that we took in santa monica california on new years and had it blown up onto aluminum is one of my next gifts for his birthday (march3rd)
My ideas for his birthday coming up(besides blown up pic on aluminum):
Small tabletop fountain for his room.
Nice socks.
Nice house shoes.
A gift cert for the best pedicure offered at his normal pedicure spot.
Dinner of course.

Anonymous said...

birthday/hanukkah/anniversary presents i've given to my pisces guy:

--complete seinfeld dvd set (loved)
--clark's desert boots (liked, but not crazy about-- i got the wrong size, and couldn't exchange)
--gold ring (loved)
--copy of george harrison's autobiography "i, me, mine" (LOVED)
--midi controller/synthesizer (liked, just doesn't have time to play around with it)
--spa day w/ massage and facial (LOVED)
--vip tickets to a la kings/red wings game (loved, even though his red wings lost)
--clothes (always a favorite)
--tumi document case (loved/hated)

i have a feeling that his favorite of these was the spa day. :)

the only gift i've ever given him that he wasn't crazy about was the tumi doc case. he said he loved it, but felt guilty about having it, like he didn't deserve it...? very confusing for me, considering he mentioned that he wanted/needed a document case EVERY DAY for like 2 months.

boy... other than that, he is very appreciative of any gift that he receives. as long as a minute amount of thought goes into the gift, he's super happy.

This Bug said...

I've gifted my Piscean man shoes, clothing, a coffee table book of NYC Photography, a homemade CD of songs, a collage of his favorite photos of us, DVD's, Broadway tickets, a book of stories by George Carlin and a poem I orginally blogged about our first meeting. I'm starting to run out of ideas. His birthday is coming up next week and I decided to give him a gift certificate through Cloud 9 Living that allows him to choose his own experience. Everything from a spa day to driving a Lamborghini is an option. I also found a rare out-of-print record that he has been in search of for some years now.

azlin lala said...

last year i surprised him with a romantic diner.. its cheap but memorable. i bought a plain choc cake the saperate cake topping with fresh strawberries. n also a bottle of red grape sparkling. we decorated the cake ourselves. however, this year.. im really out of ideas. n his birthday is just arround the corner. help!

Anthony said...

I'm a Pisces. Whether I'm typical is someone else's decision. In my opinion some gifts I always liked were books and music. Even a nice movie. I've never been given artwork but those might be good ideas too. Something that will stimulate the imagination. Pisces people can be very imaginative.

I'm not sure how I'd feel about getting a pool unless it was attached to a nice house. For expensive gifts vacations to far off exotic places are great. A trip to a tropical island or a cruise (depending on the reputation of the cruise line) to some far off land. romantic trips are nice too. The Eiffel tower in France or a boat ride in Venice. Some Pisces people like to travel and most likely fantasize about travel. Probably because it also stimulates their imagination.

For things a little closer to home dinner at a fancy restaurant or a show. Even a movie will work.

Some Pisces people aren't that materialistic. Spending quality time is sometimes the best gift you can give.

Other ideas I might say is helping to turn dreams into reality if they haven't done so already. Pisces people are dreamers. There are some fantasies they have that are just that, fantasies. Then there are others that are more and they really want those dreams to come true. Doing that will work for a few of them as well.

Of course this is all my opinion and a few of the things I wouldn't mind getting from a girlfriend.

The goldfish in the fishbowl I've had a few of them. After a while I don't think I'd want one. They die way too easily. I don't think I'd want a mounted fish either nor any other animal.