How to Pull a Picses Man

Information on How to Pull a Pisces Man - HANDLE WITH CARE

You have to know what attracts a Pisces man if you want to pull one.  Pisces are far easier to pull than Aquarius men or their cousins (fellow water signs) Cancerians - READ ON BELOW FOR MORE TIPS!

What Attracts Pisces Men?

They are attracted to googly eyed types – the women that stare, are listless and whimsical in their own quiet (ideally completely silent) way. He is attracted to signs of passiveness. He likes women that cry over anything – true sensitivity is what he wants.

How to Attract Pisces Men

If you want a case study of how not to attract Piscean men, refer to Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind. Act like Scarlet and your chances will be gone with the wind too. Practice your googly eyed technique, your quietest of sighs and wistful looks in front of your mirror. Wear makeup to extenuate your sympathetic facial expressions. Another idea with Pisces is to have a luxurious bathroom installed. He finds (or he will do if you suggest it at the exact right moment) the prospect of being bathed by a woman incredibly alluring. You rap yourself round his leg, sob and plead with him to stay and he will.

Do You Really Want to Pull a Pisces Man? 


If you can’t be bothered to go to the extent described above ask yourself: is he worth it?

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Anonymous said...

Ive dated a Pisces man for a couple Years already and they are sweet but when they get mad they don't explain things very well and never want to talk about it. They get lost and "forget" to call you
They dont disrespect you and look at other females when they are with you and they love to cuddle and just watch movies. Im an aries and when he makes me happy im all in love but when he gets me mad i dislike him lol