The Perfect Place for a Pisces Man

There are two types of Pisces men. The best swims upstream, against the tide and works hard to achieve his goals. He is busy but when he finds the partner he wants to be with he'll become busier in order to keep them content. The worst type goes with the flow, swims with the tide and, if he achieves anything good or bad, it seems to be handed to him on a plate. But best or worst they both need to relax as their lives are hard. So where can they relax?

You know that saying... "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, in this case we have to agree. There we were, discussing how to describe a place where Pisces men (and women for that matter) could go to recharge their batteries. A place where they could relax, indulge their sensitivity and enjoy a surge in their particular kind of creativity - where would that place be? It would be here:

Beachcomber Island, Fiji. - Rich Reid

Not only would the Pisces man be at home here but this picture could be used as a blueprint when looking for the perfect place for a Pisces man. Also, don't forget that, with his ability to dream and imagine, the picture would be useful for Pisces man as a prop for meditation and visualization... the same could be said for any natives born with a Pisces moon.


Anonymous said...

I showed the picture to my Pisces man and asked if he'd like to go somewhere like it. He was almost in tears thinking about being somewhere as heavenly. I really think I know him better now and want to thank you for this website. Thankx

Anonymous said...

The same could also be said for a native with Neptune conjunct Nadir. Thanks for the pic.

Anonymous said...

What is your sign if I may ask? U seen to really bond well with the Pisces man